MbedTLS Port


General information

There are stored adaptations needed to run mbedtls on Phoenix-RTOS.

MbedTLS is a C library that implements cryptographic primitives, X.509 certificate manipulation, and the SSL/TLS and DTLS protocols. Its small code footprint makes it suitable for embedded systems. For more information please visit the MbedTLS GitHub.

Supported version

The supported version is v2.28.0.

Using mbedtls

To use functions provided by mbedtls please place the specific mbedtls library in LIBS variable in Makefile and include the required header file. Below is the example of using mbedtls_aes_init() in user program hello:

  • Makefile - linking with all provided mbedtls libraries, You can use only required ones here.

```makefile NAME := hello LOCAL_SRCS := main.c LIBS := libmbedtls libmbedx509 libmbedcrypto

include $(binary.mk) ```

  • Source code:

```C #include #include

int main(void) { mbedtls_aes_context ctx;

mbedtls_aes_init( &ctx );
printf("Hello World!!\n");

return 0;

} ```

  • Note: Please remember that PORTS_MBEDTLS should be set to y in the specific building script in _projects directory or using an environment variable.

Running tests

To build mbedtls tests please set LONG_TEST=y environment variable before calling build.sh.

In order to run the specific test please type in psh: /bin/test_name mbedtls_test_configs/test_name.datax, for example:

/bin/test_suite_ssl mbedtls_test_configs/test_suite_ssl.datax
  • Running all tests and parsing results isn't supported in Phoenix-RTOS Test Runner yet.

  • The following tests require setting current date before running(using date command in psh, for example: date -s @1653990793), because of certificates' creation date:

  • test_suite_ssl
  • test_suite_x509

  • Because tests use .datax files and most of them use data_files directory running tests is supported only on rootfs platforms.

Known bugs

Currently, there are 3/2695 unresolved failing test cases in test_suite_ssl:

  • DTLS renegotiation: no legacy renegotiation,

  • DTLS renegotiation: legacy renegotiation,

  • DTLS renegotiation: legacy break handshake

There are also failing test cases not related strictly to problems with mbedtls: