Smart Grid Data Concentrator Unit with balancing meter functionality deployed in Energa-Operator (DSO).

Phoenix-RTOS (PRIME stack, libmeter, libcosem) + DCU Firmware. Market: Poland, Volume: 20K+

Saiman Smart Meter

Single and three phase smart energy meters with USB interface and PRIME connectivity manufactured by the largest vendor in Kazakhstan. Devices are based on single microprocessor and functionality is completely software defined.

Phoenix-RTOS (PRIME stack, libmeter, libcosem) + metersrv Market: Kazakhstan, Volume: 200K+

Apator Metrix iSMART2

Smart Gas Meter manufactured by one of the leading European vendors. Advanced functionality and high precision with more than 10 years battery lifetime.

Phoenix-RTOS + metersrv + commsrv Market: Italy, Volume: 1M+