Phoenix-RTOS is an advanced, microkernel-based, realtime operating system for resource constrained devices

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OS for software defined solutions

The software defined solution era is rising. Processing power cost decreases exponentially. Advanced functionalities restricted to specialized chips (ASICs) now can be implemented in software. Phoenix-RTOS is an ideal platform for software defined IoT communication stacks and other applications with realtime processing requirements.

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OS with many faces

Based on one microkernel many operating system version could be created. The smallest one can occupy tens of kilobytes and work on resource constrained devices. Adding emulation servers it is possible to create the version compatible with other operating systems.

OS with beautiful insights

Based on several decades of development in the field of operating systems it was possible to create fully featured, effective microkernel with clean design and compact source code. Learn how quickly can you adopt operating system for specific purposes and how the clean design can speed-up the development of your IoT appliance.

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