Running system on riscv64-generic-spike

This version is designated for RISC-V 64 processors based spike machine implemented by the Spike (riscv-isa-sim) emulator. To launch this version phoenix.osbi file should be provided - system image with integrated OpenSBI bootloader, containing PLO, kernel, console driver, dummyfs filesystem and the psh shell.

The file is created as the final artifact of the phoenix-rtos-project build and is located in the _boot directory. See how to build the Phoenix-RTOS system image

Running image under the spike

Firstly, you need to install a spike simulator.

How to install spike simulator (Ubuntu 20.04)

  1. Clone the riscv-isa-sim GitHub repository. System was tested on commit 5fa1cd54 on master branch.

    console git clone --single-branch

  2. Enter the downloaded repository

    console cd riscv-isa-sim

  3. Check out the commit 5fa1cd54

    console git checkout 5fa1cd54

  4. Install the device-tree-compiler

    console sudo apt-get update && \ sudo apt-get install device-tree-compiler

  5. Install the Spike RISC-V ISA Simulator

    console mkdir build && \ cd build && \ ../configure --prefix=$RISCV && \ make && \ sudo make install

Then, to run the image under spike you should change the directory to phoenix-rtos-project and type:



Using Phoenix-RTOS

Phoenix-RTOS will be launched and the psh shell command prompt will appear in the terminal. To get the available command list please type:



To get the list of working processes please type:



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