Phoenix-RTOS provides libraries, which enable the development of applications.

The source code is available in the phoenix-rtos-corelibs GitHub repository. The example of usage can be found in the _user directory, placed in phoenix-rtos-project.

Read more about reference project repository here.

There are following Phoenix-RTOS libraries:

  • Graphics library called libgraph, which provides drivers for graphic adapters,
  • Common Gateway Interface library called libcgi,
  • Video Graphics Array access library called libvga, used in graphic adapters' implementation, for example Cirrus,
  • Virtual I/O Device library called libvirtio, used for device emulation,
  • Universally Unique identifiers' library called libuuid,
  • Cache library called libcache which provides the user with n-way set-associative cache,
  • Software watchdog library called libswdg which provides the user with multichannel software watchdog.

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