Phoenix Systems in the Horizon EU R&D consortium working on the COGNIT project in Brussels, Belgium


Phoenix Systems is proud to be a member of the Horizon EU R&D consortium working on the COGNIT project and happy to inform that today our COO, Kaja Swat, is presenting at the first physical kick-off meeting in Brussels!

The "Cognitive Serverless Framework for the Cloud Edge Continuum" project has been selected for implementation under Horizon Europe - the largest EU program in the field of research and innovation. The aim of the innovative project is to build machine learning-based solutions for managing the ecosystem of edge technologies (Edge-IoT). The consortium includes European open source companies, research organizations and edge application providers. The leader of the consortium is Open Nebula Systems (Spain), responsible for the development of cloud solutions for managing edge devices. The consortium members are Umeå University (Sweden), IKERLAN (Spain), CETIC (Belgium), RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (Sweden), SUSE (Germany), Acisa (Spain), Nature4.0 (Italy), as well as Phoenix Systems and Atende Industries from the Atende Group (Poland).

A successful platform for the edge cloud faces complex challenges. They result from the interoperability of devices with limited resources, heterogeneous infrastructure, as well as the need to meet the key criteria for today's business, such as: performance, resilience, security, data sovereignty and energy efficiency.

The main areas of application of the new platform will concern smart city technology, fire protection solutions, cyber security and smart energy. The Polish technology companies Phoenix Systems and Atende Industries are responsible for the pillar related to the new generation of energy. By publishing part of the project's results in the open source model (eg the Phoenix-RTOS operating system), the project is in line with the EU's long-term policy.

"Open source affects Europe's digital autonomy. Meeting the hyperscalers of cloud services, it is very likely that open source technology can give Europe a chance to create and maintain its own independent digital approach and retain control over processes, information and technology" - write representatives of the Commission of the European Union in the document "Open Source Software Strategy 2020-2023".

"The goal of the project - to build a new generation base technology for Edge-IoT environments, based on artificial intelligence and automation tools - is an opportunity to develop innovative solutions for the power industry and more. I believe that the technology based on the Phoenix-RTOS operating system designed for Edge-IoT will become essential for the development of the EU edge ecosystem." – says Kaja Swat, COO at Phoenix Systems.

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