MID approval for besmart.energy 1 and besmart.energy 3


It's official: besmart.energy 1 and besmart.energy 3 now MID approved for installation!

Smart electricity meters, manufactured by Atende Industries and based on our Phoenix-RTOS operating system, just received certification for compliance with the requirements of the European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID).

“The besmart.energy meter performs all the functions of a smart energy meter - it is designed like a computer and can act as an energy assistant, helping to effectively manage energy-intensive devices (e.g. heat pumps, EV chargers), inverters and energy storages. The condition for this expansion of functionality is the use of the Phoenix-RTOS operating system, which enables e.g. hosting user apps for smart energy management." - said Pawel Pisarczyk, CEO at Atende Industries and Phoenix Systems

Newer, improved version of besmart.energy meter, already adapted for mass production, is Apator NILEE, created in cooperation with our partner Apator.

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