CEO of Phoenix Systems speaks about the system at Stanford University


Pawel Pisarczyk, CEO of Phoenix Systems took part in a three-day Polish-American scientific and technical symposium at Stanford University, entitled Internet of Things, Poland Day in Silicon Valley. The aim of the symposium is to connect the American and Polish business community and support the development of scientific, engineering and economic cooperation between countries. The main topic of this year's symposium are the opportunities and challenges of the Internet of Things.

"Polish companies can play a significant role in the development of IoT. We are famous from having very good engineers. We can create integrated circuits, very advanced software - even operating systems, but our biggest problem is global thinking. We are not able to scale our solutions to the whole world and we need help here, because IoT is a business that relies on a large scale and is not local - said Pawel Pisarczyk during his speech in the panel discussion.

The Symposium does not focus only on the Internet of Things, but also on the IoT's environment - cloud computing, cybersecurity, cryptocurrencies, smart cities, transport and energy. The participants jointly reflect on the development and use of these technologies on the Polish and American market.

photo source: Wprost

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