Running system on armv7m4-stm32l4x6 (ST STM32L4x)

This version is designated for STM32L4x6 processors with Cortex-M4 core. To launch this version the final flash image should be downloaded. The image is created as the final artifact of phoenix-rtos-project building and is located in _boot directory. The image consist of kernel, TTY UART driver, RAM disk filesystem and psh (shell).

Programming the board

To flash the image to the board one will need openocd in version 0.10 or newer ( For STLink there is a script available:

  $ sudo phoenix-rtos-build/scripts/ _boot/phoenix-armv7m4-stm32l4x6.bin

or use openocd directly:

openocd -f $OPENOCDPATH/scripts/interface/stlink.cfg -f $OPENOCDPATH/scripts/target/stm32l4x.cfg -c "reset_config srst_only srst_nogate connect_assert_srst" -c "program _boot/phoenix-armv7m4-stm32l4x6.bin 0x08000000 verify reset exit"

Script can be modified to accomodate other SWD interfaces.

Using Phoenix-RTOS

Phoenix-RTOS will be launched and psh shell command prompt will appear in the terminal.

To get the available command list please type help.

To get the list of working threads and processes please type ps -t.