Phoenix-RTOS is based on the written from scratch dedicated microkernel and consists of about 20K lines of code (LoC). Microkernel is responsible for:

  • memory management,
  • thread and process management,
  • inter-thread communication and synchronization,
  • basic application interface implementation (syscalls).

Kernel is divided into five subsystems.

  • hal - hardware abstraction layer
  • lib - common routines
  • vm - virtual memory management
  • proc - process and thread management
  • test - internal tests for kernel subsystems

Kernel source code

The source code of the kernel could be obtained using the following command

git clone

See also

  1. Table of Contents
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  4. Running Phoenix-RTOS on targets

  5. Kernel - HAL Subsystem

  6. Kernel - Processes and threads
  7. Kernel - Memory management
  8. Kernel - System calls