Paweł Pisarczyk, CEO at Phoenix Systems, writes about cybersecurity


It's finally here! We are proud to announce that our CEO, Pawel Pisarczyk, is one of the co-authors of the collective publication "Cybersecurity - redefining threats" ("Cyberbezpieczeństwo - redefinicja zagrożeń"), edited by prof. Bolesław Szafrański!

This enlightening book is a result of cooperation between the academic community, i.e. the Faculty of Cybernetics of the Military University of Technology and Forum Teleinformatyki, where it had its on September 21.

In his chapter titled "Reliability and security of Internet of Things devices in the context of the development of Industry 4.0", Pawel Pisarczyk writes about the massive increase in the importance of IoT devices (also in critical applications) with a simultaneous disturbing constant lack of public interest in the issue of their security, especially at the development level which is still surrounded by numerous myths.

"Understanding the strategic importance of the IoT for the modern world, it becomes necessary to analyze the threats, in particular the threats related to an inappropriate approach to the development and implementation of devices that will surround us en masse, both in terms of security and safety." - he underlines - "A serious approach (...) is crucial because, on the one hand, IoT gives us, as humanity, the opportunity to make a great civilizational leap, but on the other, it may become a source of threats that we have only read about in Sci-Fi novels."

We congratulate Pawel on this achievement and wish him further success!

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