Phoenix-RTOS in the core curriculum at the Warsaw University of Technology


We are proud to announce that Phoenix-RTOS is now present at the Warsaw University of Technology!

From this semester, in laboratories constituting the practical part of the "Operating Systems" course, one of the key classes in a master's degree study program at the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, students are learning about operating systems on the example of our open-source, microkernel-based, real-time operating system, Phoenix-RTOS.

Course is aimed at presenting the basic properties of operating systems and discussing their structures and common features. Working with the Phoenix-RTOS, students will become familiar with the concept of a microkernel and how it can be used in practice. It must be emphasized that the learning process is supported by independent modifications of the system e.g. self-implementation of an exemplary thread scheduling algorithm by modifying the Phoenix-RTOS system scheduler, which guarantees better remembering of the acquired knowledge and the likelihood of using it in the future.

We are extremely excited about this collaboration and it makes us twice as happy as the Phoenix-RTOS prototype (Phoenix) was created at the Warsaw University of Technology and now, after more than 20 years, we can say it is finally returning home.

We wish all students fruitful learning and hope to introduce Phoenix-RTOS to the next generations of excellent engineers!

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