Apator and Phoenix Systems will design a new generation smart energy meter


Apator signed the agreement with Phoenix Systems to jointly develop new smart energy meter. The developed meter will be a present-day Internet of Things (IoT) device based on Phoenix-RTOS operating system.

Project relies on the synergy of both companies experience in the implementation of solutions for energy sector. It unifies Apator know-how in designing and manufacturing meters with the Phoenix Systems experience in developing software for IoT appliances. Phoenix-RTOS is already used in the Apator Metrix smart gas meters.

Apator focuses on innovation. Our customers demand next generation meters utilizing modern communication technologies, which when completed with advanced metrology system create optimal solution for the energy networks with distributed renewable energy sources. Innovative products offered by the Group are developed by internal R&D department but also in cooperation with innovative companies like Phoenix Systems – explains Miroslaw Klepacki, CEO, Apator.

The newly developed energy meter will be an advanced IoT device using IP protocol as well as various wire communication standards (e.g. PLC PRIME) and wireless standards (e.g. IEEE 802.15.4, LTE Cat-M1 450 MHz). It is assumed that the meter will be able to play a role of IP router and transmit data from other meters resulting in the reading effectiveness close to 100%.

The new meter system architecture will be close to the computer system architecture. The operating system will create environment to execute various user applications. It is the approach well known from popular mobile devices.

Implementations of the smart metering proved that smart energy meters should become advanced IoT devices assuring high scalability, modularity and adequate security of gathered data. Apator is undisputed leader in designing and producing of advanced metering devices. We are glad that as a company developing operating system and software for IoT we can be a part of such an innovative project – said Pawel Pisarczyk, CEO, Phoenix Systems.

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