Phoenix Systems presented devices based on LTE Cat-M1 450 MHz technology for the energy industry


During the "Smart Energy 450" conference in Warsaw, Phoenix Systems presented two devices using the Phoenix-RTOS operating system that fit into the concept of building an LTE 450 network for the needs of the power system: PLC PRIME data concentrator with LTE Cat-M1 450 MHz connectivity , and IoT meter design with MESH connectivity (LTE Cat-M1 450 MHz, PLC PRIME / G3-PLC). These are one of the first solutions of this type on the market. The conference "Smart Energy 450, powered by LTE" concerns the construction of a critical communication system based on LTE technology in the 450 MHz band. As reported by the Ministry of Energy yesterday, PGE Systemy, PGE Dystrybucja, and Enea Obrót signed an agreement on cooperation in the construction of the LTE 450 network for the power system. The creation of a digital communications network is one of the key elements of the smart grid.

Phoenix Systems, which designs intelligent measuring devices based on the proprietary operating system Phoenix-RTOS, has created devices that use Cat-M1 connectivity in the 450MHz band. They perfectly fit into the IoT trend, because the LTE Cat-M1 technology allows reaching places where traditional coverage is insufficient and can perfectly complement PLC technology. Phoenix Systems already has extensive experience in the implementation of innovative technologies for the power industry, and its solutions using the Phoenix-RTOS operating system (intelligent meters, concentrators, and gas meters) are used both in Poland (Energa-Operator) and worldwide.

"LTE Cat-M1 450 MHz technology is a promising medium for the Internet of Things devices which are undoubtedly modern, intelligent energy meters. This is due to the fact that communication modules using a narrower Cat-M1 band are cheaper to implement and need less power, which means longer battery life. The use of the IP protocol that will allow intelligent combination of new mobile technologies (LTE Cat-M1 450MHz) and the communication currently used in energy meters by means of power lines (PLC PRIME) will allow the acquisition of data from meters in real-time, which in turn will allow mass implementation of civic energy, "says Paweł Pisarczyk, CEO of Phoenix Systems.

Phoenix Systems is the creator of the Polish operating system Phoenix-RTOS, designed for the dynamically growing Internet of Things market. The system significantly speeds up the design and implementation of new, intelligent devices. Phoenix-RTOS is based on microkernel architecture and its available in the open-source. The system is widely used in the energy sector (intelligent energy and gas meters, data concentrators). Work is currently underway on the implementation of the system in a drone swarm.

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