Phoenix-RTOS 178 – new version of the Phoenix-RTOS operating system dedicated for implementation of systems compliant with the guidelines of the DO-178C safety standard

Project purpose and information about the project

The goal of the project is development of the new DO-178C DAL A certifiable version of the Phoenix-RTOS operating system (henceforth Phoenix-RTOS 178). DO-178C contains guidelines for development of software dedicated to critical applications and is commonly used in civil aviation. There are several operating systems compliant with DO-178C available on the market. Just to mention a few it is Green Hills INTEGRITY-178, DDC-I Deos, Wind River VxWorks 178, LynxOS 178, Sysgo PikeOS and QNX. All the above mentioned except for Sysgo PikeOS are offered by US-based companies and are subject to US export regulations. It implies difficulties in applying for license or the high cost of the license blocking usage in e.g. UAVs dedicated to certified missions. Hence, creation of a new European operating system facilitating the development of software compliant with DO 178C, in particular for new UAVs for certified missions, is of particular importance. Such operating system can be also used for implementation of avionic systems like mission control, navigation and IFF systems. Phoenix-RTOS operating system has been developed as the successor of Phoenix operating system created at the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technologies of Warsaw University of Technology in years 1999-201. Based on Phoenix- RTOS, smart energy meters and data concentrator for Smart Grids have been developed (e.g. 30 000 concentrators for Energa-Operator). In 2017 the work started on new Phoenix-RTOS 3 operating system based on scalable, microkernel architecture. Version 3 is available on the open-source BSD license. Due to its modularity, capability to separate critical system parts, it constitutes the foundations for creation of new version compliant with the requirements of DO-178C. Within the scope of the project, Phoenix-RTOS 178 microkernel for IA-32 will be developed in compliance with the requirements of DO-178C DAL A and the Certification Data Packet will be prepared for system integrators.

Project results and implementation in economic activities

Phoenix-RTOS 178 will be implemented in products (UAVs, drones etc.) of avionics manufacturers based in Poland. In the first order, it will be autopilot manufacturers, who prepare their products to the legislation changes focusing on ever growing care for safety as well as increasing certification requirements for the aviation products. For the first implementation uAvionics company offering autopilot systems has been selected. The manufacturer targets the UAV market for it avionics products. Phoenix-RTOS 178 is also planned to be offered to the Polish pilot aircraft manufacturers. At the same time, Phoenix-RTOS 178 will be offered to the foreign aviation companies operating in Poland (e.g. Rockwell Collins).

Project value: 9 340 317,50 PLN

Co-funding: 5 636 321,11 PLN