Phoenix Systems joined Wi-SUN Alliance


Phoenix Systems has become a member of the Wi-SUN Alliance. The organization is developing the standard of wireless communication in FAN networks, which is used to read data from smart meters, mainly in the region of Asia. Wi-SUN Alliance currently associates 230 companies and institutions all over the world, and its communication standard is used in over 95 M IoT devices, 66 M of which are smart energy meters.

The main task of the Wi-SUN Alliance is to promote Wi-SUN technology and support its development. The organization runs programs for testing and certifying interoperability between devices from various manufacturers that operate under the IEEE 802.15.4g (Wireless SUN) standard.

Based on the Phoenix-802.15.4 stack, Phoenix Systems creates its own implementation of the Wi-SUN standard for the Phoenix-RTOS. Certification of the newly created implementation is planned for the middle of next year. Membership in the Wi-SUN Alliance and creating a proprietary implementation of the standard will allow Phoenix Systems to develop cooperation with meter manufacturers from Asia, Africa, and South America.

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