iSMART, the intelligent gas meter with Phoenix-RTOS, has passed the tests of compliance with the requirements of the SMART-GAS protocol, as the first gas meter in Poland!


Developed by the Polish company Apator Metrix, in cooperation with Phoenix Systems, the gas meter is an innovative IoT measuring device and one of the first devices for the emerging smart gas networks market. The device is now in the scope of interest of clients from Poland, Italy, Lithuania, Ukraine and Belgium.

The gas meter can be produced in various functional configurations. Thanks to Phoenix-RTOS it is possible to use a wide range of network stacks (e.g. WM-BUS, ZigBee) and communication protocols (e.g. SMART-GAS, DLMS / COSEM).

The device has an electronic counter, is equipped with temperature correction, a gas flow shutoff valve and a communication module. It meets all CE conformity requirements, including MID, ATEX, EMC and RED.

The measurement of gas volume and flow is carried out by dedicated metrological software and the separate software module is responsible for the logic of collecting measurement data and making it available to external systems. All software runs under the control of the Phoenix-RTOS real-time operating system.

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