Running system on ia32-generic (PC based on IA32 processor)

This version is designated for generic PC based on IA32 processor. To launch this version the final disk image should be downloaded. The image is created as the final artifact of phoenix-rtos-project building and is located in _boot directory. The image consist of bootloader (plo), kernel, TTY VGA driver, ATA driver with ext2 filesystem.

Running image under qemu

To run image under qemu you should type:

  qemu-system-i386 -hda _boot/phoenix-ia32-generic.disk

Phoenix-RTOS will be launched and psh shell command prompt will appear in the terminal. To get the available command list please type help. To get the list of working threads and processes please type ps -t.

To launch UN*X environment POSIX emulation server and ash shell should be launched using following commands.

  (psh)% /bin/ash
  # posixsrv &`

Phoenix-RTOS image can be also launched on multiple processor cores. To do this please define number of cores (e.g. 4) using following command.

qemu-system-i386 -hda _boot/phoenix-ia32-generic.disk -smp 4

The number of detected cores is presented during kernel initialization or can be obtained by counting number of idle threads.

Running image on regular hardware

To run the image on a regular hardware please be sure that a target system is equipped with ATA disk supporting PATA interface. The image should be copied to the boot disk using dd command (it is assumed that target disk is represented by /dev/sda blok device).

  dd if=_boot/phoenix-ia32-generic.disk of=/dev/sda