Implementation status: to be implemented


#include <unistd.h>

int gethostname(char *name, size_t namelen);


The gethostname() function gets a name of the current host.


name - an array to hold the result name.
namelen - a size of the array.

The gethostname() function returns the standard host name for the current machine. The namelen argument specifies the size of the array pointed to by the name argument. The returned name is be null-terminated, except that if namelen is an insufficient length to hold the host name, then the returned name is truncated.

Host names are limited to {HOST_NAME_MAX} bytes.

Return value

Upon successful completion, 0 is returned; otherwise -1 is returned.


No errors are defined.

Implementation tasks

  • Implement the limits.h file containing at least the {HOST_NAME_MAX} constant.
  • Implement the gethostname() function.