Implementation status: to be implemented


#include <math.h>

double fmax(double x, double y);
float fmaxf(float x, float y);
long double fmaxl(long double x, long double y);


These functions determine the maximum numeric value of their arguments.

x - the first argument of the function.
y - the second argument of the function.

NaN arguments is treated as missing data: if one argument is a NaN and the other numeric, then these functions choose the numeric value.

Return value

Upon successful completion, these functions return the maximum numeric value of their arguments.

If just one argument is a NaN, the other argument is returned.

If x and y are NaN, a NaN is returned.


No errors are defined.

Implementation tasks

  • Implement the fmax() function.
  • Implement the fmaxf() function.
  • Implement the fmaxl() function.