Apator Metrix delivered over 150K Phoenix-RTOS-based smart-meters for the largest implementation of smart gas metering in Europe


At the end of last year, the manufacturer of gas meters, Apator Metrix, from Apator Group, started the production and delivery of intelligent iSMART 2 gas meters to a consortium of Belgian distribution network operators (Fluvius, ORES, RESA and Sibelga). Deliveries of over 1 million gas meters are planned for the years 2024-2026. By the end of Q1’24, Apator Metrix had already delivered over 15% of the ordered volume.

The iSMART 2 gas meter is a new generation of intelligent gas meters, designed by Polish engineers and manufactured at the Apator Metrix plant in Tczew. It combines a new generation electronic counter with a reliable gas meter, the design of which is based on the many years of experience of Grupa Apator in the design and production of solutions for gas networks.

iSMART 2 is based on the Phoenix-RTOS operating system, developed by Phoenix Systems. Phoenix-RTOS is an open-source operating system with microkernel architecture enabling to run user applications directly on IoT devices transforming them into Edge-IoT devices

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