Phoenix-RTOS in next Smart Grid devices


DC-AMIDGT – the new Data Concentrator Unit with balancing meter functionality operated under the control of the Phoenix-RTOS, has been produced and implemented in Energa-Operator’s grid in the amount of over 20,000.

The device is used for advanced energy measurements and acquisition of data from smart electricity meters in SmartGrid networks. Besides being based on Phoenix-RTOS, DC-AMIGT uses Phoenix-DCU - a Smart Grid Application Framework consisting of Data Concentrator application responsible for the logic of data acquisition, PRIME Base Node implementation, DLMS/COSEM client and DCSAP (Data Concentrator Simple Acquisition Protocol) client.

This is another implementation of Phoenix-RTOS - which is gaining popularity around the world. The system already controls devices such as smart electricity meters and smart gas meters. Phoenix-RTOS allows using the simplest hardware architecture and placing advanced device functionality in the software. This approach contributes to a significant shortening of the time needed to design new IoT devices. Currently, the implementation of the system in drone swarms is underway.

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