Phoenix-RTOS has become the open-source operating system


As of today, the source code of Phoenix-RTOS (real-time operating system) is available on GitHub . This is groundbreaking news for both small and large scale developers seeking an efficient, scalable and modular real-time operating system, tailored especially for next generation IoT software-defined solutions and resource-constrained devices. Phoenix-RTOS may be employed across a wide range of purposes, appliances, and markets - including mass production.

Phoenix-RTOS, one of the world's first real time operating systems for IoT, is based on microkernel architecture and benefits from almost 20 years of development. In contrast to most globally available real-time operating systems, Phoenix-RTOS allows for programming complex functionalities in even the smallest and simplest devices with very low power consumption and without a Memory Management Unit (MMU). Phoenix-RTOS has already been deployed on a massive scale in Smart Grid devices (smart energy meters, data concentrators, smart gas meters) in Europe and Asia. It is the operating system of choice for developers working on IoT devices in sectors such as: electromobility, smart home, smart city, wearables, e-medicine, robotics, aviation or telecommunications.

Phoenix-RTOS has been made available under the BSD license, which focuses on user rights and allows for source code modifications. The founders look forward to building a community around Phoenix-RTOS, giving its members the possibility to test, modify, develop and quickly adapt the system to specific purposes.

"Phoenix-RTOS is an orderly designed and compact code, created to allow designers to get ahead of current methods in IoT design. We strongly believe that by opening the source code, we give designers all over the world the unprecedented opportunity to facilitate not only the design process, but also time-to-market implementation of IoT devices that are ahead of our time" - says Pawel Pisarczyk, Phoenix Systems CEO & Phoenix-RTOS author.

"Phoenix RTOS is a perfect solution for our newest microcontrollers designed for IoT such as the NXP crossover processor: i.MX RT. These microcontrollers offer both very high computing power and low power consumption. To fully utilize their potential, an operating system is very often needed– just as computers or mobile devices. Phoenix-RTOS is the real time operating system that allows to fully take advantage of these latest generation microcontrollers by shortening time to market and deployment phase for a large variety of IoT devices." - says Jean-Marc Darchy, Smart Energy Regional Marketing Manager in NXP.

Phoenix-RTOS can be easily ported to all hardware platforms. It could be scaled from small version with native API occupying tens of kilobytes to UN*X-like operating system with rich application interface. Because of real time capabilities and extremely efficient architecture Phoenix-RTOS is the platform of choice for IoT applications. Phoenix-RTOS is ported to IA32, ARMv7, ARM architectures and RISCV64 port is almost completed. There are available software defined communication stacks for PRIME, G3-PLC, 802.15.4 based on the microkernel and application frameworks simplifying development of specific IoT devices. The system provides unlimited possibilities. Its source code can be now found at:

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