Phoenix-PRIME communication stack

I. Introduction     II. Documentation     III. License     IV. FAQ

I. Introduction

Phoenix-PRIME is the certified, software-based, complete implementation of the PRIME PLC standard designed for low cost microcontrollers. No DSP extension nor specific hardware required. Implementation contains of PHY, MAC and DLMS/COSEM CL layers. This unique implementation of PRIME standard could be deployed on dedicated MCU or run as a application under control of RTOS.


  • Pure software implementation of PRIME standard intended for entry-level microcontrollers (ARM® Cortex™-M4 120MHz, 128kB FLASH, 128kB RAM),
  • Implementation of BaseNode and ServiceNode functionalities,
  • All layers (PHY, MAC, CL) implemented in software,
  • Heavily optimized for limited resources,
  • Easy integration with the other software parts,
  • Version for bare metal and RTOS,
  • Field proven in biggest CEE smart metering implementation.

Supported platforms

  • Freescale Kinetis K21
  • Freescale Kinetis K22
  • Freescale Vybrid3 with Phoenix-RTOS
  • Freescale Vybrid5 with Phoenix-RTOS

Suported AFEs

  • TI AFE031
  • TI AFE032

Reference designs

  • Phoenix-PLC Board (Kinetis K21 + TI AFE031)
  • Smart Meter Reference Platform (Vybrid3 + TI AFE031 + Phoenix-RTOS)
  • Smart Router Reference Platform (Vybrid5 + TI AFE031 + Phoenix-RTOS)

Integration methods


Phoenix-PRIME working on Phoenix-PLC Board was certified in 2014 in DNV GL.

II. Documentation

  1. Phoenix-PRIME Introduction
  2. Phoenix-PRIME User Guide
  3. Phoenix-PRIME Source Code Documentation
  4. Phoenix-PLC Board Technical Reference Manual

III. Tools

  1. Wireshark Plugin (Win32)
  2. Wireshark Plugin (GNU/Linux IA32)

IV. License

Phoenix-PRIME license as the license for other communication stacks is included in Phoenix-RTOS license. For the separate use the special license is required.


1. How to implement the PRIME modem based on Phoenix-PRIME in the traditional energy meter?

The simplest way is to use the Kinetis K21 MCU and connect it using serial interface with the main meter processor. The line coupling could be done according to the provided schematics of Phoenix-PLC Board reference design. All preliminary tests could be performed using the same board and PC.